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types of transformer coils

Art Mandigo Transformer Winding Services is equipped to handle all types of windings...on the core or off, copper or aluminum.

All work is performed either onsite or in your plant, be it a minor repair or complete re-wind.

The chart below details the types of transformer coils routinely worked on by Art.

Types of Coils:

Range in strands:

Inter-leaved -
(single or twin)

... 2 to 16 strands

Shielding -
(outer or inner)



... 2 strands - even/odd turn

(single * double * triple)

... 3 to 72 strands


... 4 to 16 strands

Continuous Disc

... 1 to 16 strands

Layer Wound

... 1 to 52 strands

Tap Winding

... 1 to 14 strands


... 10 lbs. To 3 ton per coil

Transposed Cable

... Helical to 12 cables
... Continuous disc to 6 cables

Our capabilities also include transposed cable splicing

transpose cable splicing

transformer coils

inter leaved transformer coil




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